Here’s What My Clients Say About Their Experience

Kind Words

Ria's patience with my son and her ability to capture beautiful moments from a toddler who was for the most part uncooperative demonstrates her passion, artistic talent and technical skill in children photography.
We were excited with the outcome of the photoshoot and earnestly look forward to creating similar memories with our future little ones



I am a huge fan of Ria's creativity as well as her brand. I love that she has created a niche for herself. Her passion radiates through her work and this is reflected in the excellent work she produces. This brand is set for greatness. I was (and still is) in awe of the images. Those images were mind - blowing. Everyone I showed the images had amazing things to say. Undoubtedly, it was value for money.



Ria is gifted when it comes to capturing kids. She's easygoing and relaxed, and when your images come out, it's clear that there's an obsessive and skilled attention to detail. When I saw our photos, I felt uplifted. I had my maternity shoot with Ria and we took photos with our baby after she was born. During pregnancy and after delivery, feeling and looking beautiful are not everyday reality for a woman and you want to feel that way again. I honestly did after seeing our photos.



It is really nice to know someone who genuinely tries to capture the beauty of people through photography. The brand is doing something special. Ria and her crew go all out. They truly know what they are doing. Trying to get a baby to smile is difficult and having the patience to get the best out of everyone is hardwork but they seems to do it with ease. I'm truly grateful for the images we have.